Tony Stark, aka Iron man

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Tony Stark is famous for his egocentric act. He ais arrogant, apathetic, callous, and a womanizer.  But fact is Tony do all this, to fill the void in his heart.  He is a lonely person.  As Ho Yinsen decribed him “A man that has everything, but has nothing”.

After he got kidnaped by the Ten rings.  Tony realized how ignorant he is. the weapon he manufacture is used to bring chaos and destruction.  He always though the weapon  only used by the Government for peace keeping.  This motivate Tony to become Iron Man.

At war with the Chitauri, Tony risk his life to take the nuclear missile to the portal, there Tony see Thanos with his army.  This event deeply traumatize Tony. Six month after the battle of New York, Stark put all his time in updating and making new suit.

“I’m just a man in a can. The only reason I haven’t cracked up is probably because you moved in. Which is great. I love you, I’m lucky. But, honey, I can’t sleep. You go to bed, I come down here. I do what I know, I tinker. But threat is imminent, and I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.” Tony Stark to Pepper Pots


As Tony create his new Army, he saw news saying there are  Terrorist attack in the city know as Mandarin.  Stark new security Head Happy Hogan got caught up in one of the attack.  Angered he issued a public threat to Mandarin.  This end up with Tony Stark home got attacked,  a missile is launched,  As Tony signaled his new armor to protect Potts. As  Pots is moving the rubble, Stark was forced to avoid helicopters attack.  Avoiding the gunshot Stark wear his Iron Man armor to fight back.  Taking out the helicopter by throwing his furniture at it Iron man got hit by another missile.  He than  fall into the ocean, as all his possession were demolished.

Surviving the attack, Stark found himself lost in Tennessee, lacking the power to return home.  This left Stark in the cold, with nothing left but his own self to find a solution.  Wounded, and out of power, Tony drag his Armor to look for a Shelter.  Stark broke to a workshop owned by 10 year old child Harley Keener.  There he attempted to fix the damaged parts on the armor, and recuperating.

With all his new homemade gadget ready, Stark decided to infiltrate Mandarin home.  Jumping over the Wall, Stark successfully Mandarin.  To his horror, Stark realized that “The Mandarin” was nothing more than actor.  The real villain is killian.  Finally confroting Killian with pepper, and James Rhodes help, Killian and all the Extremis Soliders are now dea for good.


“As promised, I got Pepper sorted out. It took some tinkering. But then I thought to myself, “Why stop there?” Of course, there are people who say progress is dangerous, but I’ll bet none of those idiots ever had to live with a chestful of shrapnel. And now, neither will I.” ―Tony Stark


A few years later, Thanos begin his attack on earth.  Succesfully defeat the Avengers, and snapping out half of the universe.  Survive Tony begin to have peaceful life with Pepper, where they have a daughter named Morga.  But, the peaceful live not last. Captain America come to tell him there is a way to reverse Thanos snap.  Decided to do what he can, Tony decided to do the last msission.

In the Final battle on earth,  Tony fight Thanos.  Briefly grabbed Thanos arm, and steal the infinity stones.  Stark bonded with all the infinity stones onto his nano gauntlet.  Looking at Thanos and say to him “ I… am… Iron Man”.  He snapped his fingers using the stone power to turn Thanos and his army to Dust.  Devastated by the infinity stone powers, Stark collapsed among the debris, where he finally died in peace, surrounded by his best friend James Rhodes, his student Peter Paker, and his love life Pepper Pots.


“This time travel thing that we’re gonna try and pull off tomorrow, it’s… it’s got me scratching my head about the survivability of it all. But then again, that’s the hero gig, right? Part of the journey is the end. What am I even tripping for? Everything is going to work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. I love you 3000.”―Tony Stark to Morgan Stark


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