Thanos the Titan Warlord

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Thanos the genocidal warlord from Titan, His biggest ambition is to bring stability to the universe. He believed that with a massive population, but limited resource it will bring conflict and bloodshed.  To complete this, Thanos set out to gather the infinity stones.

In the past, Thanos unconditionally loved his fellow race.  He desperately try to find solution for Titan resource scarsity, because of overpopulation.  Coming with a solution, he suggest to kill half the population at random, without exception.  This idea is considered extreme, and rejected by his fellow race.  They decided to exile him from Titan.  However, Thanos were proven right, in the end Titan was devastated, and rendered nearly uninhabitable.



After this event, Thanos becomes sure that all planet will succumb the same fate in the end.  As the universe full of life, depleting it’s finite resource, ending up in self destruct.  Hence, to make sure other don’t face the same fate, Thanos used all his skills to amass resource and army.  He than become the genocidal Warlord with control of the deadly armies of Chitauri, Sakaarans, and Outriders. Moving throughout the universe and massacre half of all life on the planet he conquered.

To grow up  his strength, Thanos take orphans from several planet he conquered.  His oldest were Corvus Galive, Cull Obsidion, and Proxima Midnight.  They comprised Thanos elite soldier the Black Order.  Later on he take another children Ebony Maw, Gamora, and Nebula.

Eventually Thanos realized there were too many Planets in the universe for him to balance.  Deciding that he need bigger power, he start to look at Infinity stones (object of immense power, that held dominance over various aspect of the unvierse).  The first stone Thanos aquired is the Mind Stone.

Through the years, Thanos would tell Nebula, his intention to collect all stone, and wipe out half of all life before retiring permanently to planet Titan.  Eventually Thanos start forging alliance in his quest for the stone.

He forged alliance with Loki, and Ronan to track down the stones.  However this alliance end up a waste, he loss the mind stones, and his daughters loyalty Nebula, and Gamora.  Fed up with all the failure he decided to take matters into his own hand.


“Fine. I’ll do it myself.”―Thanos


First he go to Nidavellir, he force the dwarves to forget the infinity gauntlet before massacring them all, only leaving Eitri alive. (Both of eitri hand is crippled).  Than, Thanos attacked the Nova Corp Headquarters to acquire the Orb (Power Stone).  (He destroyed Nova corps, and masscare half of the Xandarians.)

One week later, Thanos track down the Space Stone.  It’s on the starship carrying Asgardian survivor from Ragnarok.  Thanos personally confroted the Asgardian, (Thor and loki included) he easily beat them to death.  Before Thanos could take the Space Stone, Hulk burst out, ambushing the Titan.  Still Thanos proved himself to be stronger and superior than The Hulk. Thanos than proceed to knowhere (after killing Loki).

Arriving at Knowhere he take over the Reality Stones, and beat up the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Thanos than take Gamora bake to find out where Sould stone is located.


“That’s why I trusted you to find the Soul Stone.”

“I’m sorry, I disappointed you.”

“I am disappointed. But not because you didn’t find it. But because you did. And you lied.”―Thanos and Gamora


Sacrificing Gamora for the Soul Stone, and defeating Dr Strange for the Time Stone.  Thanos only left with the Mind stone on Vision.  He than proceed to Wakanda, using the Space Stone to Teleport.  Thanos with t he nearly completed Infinity Gauntlet proceed to defeat all the Avengers.  Taking the Mind Stone, Thanos combined the with the gauntlet. Harnessing the infinite Power from the Universe, he roared out to the sky.

Moment later, Thor charged out from the sky, firing large lightning from Strombreaker.  Thanos furiously counter with the infinity Gauntlet.  However, Thor launched the Stormbreaker , directly cut throught the clash and straight stuck Thanos in the chest, gravely wounding him.  Thanos drop dow to his knee.  While struggling  Thanos taunted Thor for not aiming at his Head.  Thanos than proceed lifting the infinity gauntlet and snapeed his finger, destroy half of life in the universe.  After his snap he use the stone power to teleport back to Titan, where he retired.

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